Fresh2You supplies an extensive range of citrus fruits throughout the year. We have highlighted a number of products from this range. For more information, please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

We guarantee the quality of our citrus products by means of collaboration and excellent contact with certified suppliers. We personally check the quality of the products when they arrive at our warehouse.


The orange has a strong aroma and a slightly tart flavour. The peel of an orange is tighter than that of a tangerine. In order to be able to supply oranges throughout the year, we import them from various countries. During the summer, they come from Argentina and South Africa. During the winter, autumn and spring, we import oranges of respected Spanish brands such as Brix and Famisa.


The tangerine is slightly smaller than an orange and it has a sweet or slightly tart flavour. We supply various popular varieties all year round, as we import our tangerines from Spain, South Africa or Peru.


Grapefruit is extremely juicy and has a bittersweet flavour. Grapefruit is also available throughout the year. We import them from, for instance, Spain, Turkey, South Africa and Florida.


The lemon is a product that is available all year round. Most of the year, they come from Spain but outside the Spanish season, we also import lemons from Argentina and South Africa.

Quality and food safety are very important to us. Not only do we personally check all the products we sell, but we also hold a certificate to prove we comply with strict quality regulations. Click here to view the certificate.

Brands Fresh2you imports quality fruit and vegetables of various brands. They are packed and shipped with care. Thanks to short lines and daily deliveries, we can supply high-quality fruit and vegetables throughout the season.