We guarantee the quality of the grapes by working with certified growers only. In addition, our suppliers ensure that the grapes are transported to our warehouse as soon as possible after harvesting. Upon arrival, we personally check the quality of the grapes.

Our range of grapes offers endless possibilities. For more information, please contact us and find out what the possibilities are.


Thanks to our extensive product range, we are able to offer different varieties of red, white and blue grapes. This includes both seeded and seedless grape varieties.

We supply the grapes in any type of packaging, for example 4.5 or 7 kg, or 10 x 500, in various varieties of seeded and seedless.


A large range offering various grape varieties also means a wide range of suppliers. Therefore, where a grape comes from very much depends on its variety. We import grapes all year round from southern Italy, Sicily, South Africa, South America, India, Egypt, Spain and France, among other countries.

Quality and food safety are very important to us. Not only do we personally check all the products we sell, but we also hold a certificate to prove we comply with strict quality regulations. Click here to view the certificate.

Brands Fresh2you imports quality fruit and vegetables of various brands. They are packed and shipped with care. Thanks to short lines and daily deliveries, we can supply high-quality fruit and vegetables throughout the season.