Fresh2You is a new player on the sprouts market, but with a trusted team of employees, own cultivation and growers. Product specialism is central: focus on refined & sustainable cultivation, with the use of smart techniques at the cultivation company and the packaging department, shortest possible chain and customized packaging.

Vertical integration – the whole chain from seed to dc, all disciplines in one hand:

  • Cultivation
  • Process  edit and package
  • Commerce


  • Top quality in the stores
  • Year-round availability guarantee
  • Efficiency in the supply chain – shortest possible transparent chain
  • Innovation in cultivation, supply chain and packaging
  • Sustainably* grown and transported short and transparent chain
    • Use crop protection to a limited extent and limit emissions
    • Resilient and healthy soil
    • Stimulating biodiversity
    • Efficient water use

Year calendar

Fresh2You offers sprouts year round through its own cultivation and exclusive cultivation partners in the Netherlands & Belgium in combination with our own cultivation in Morocco. We spread risk in growing areas from the northeast of the Netherlands to northern France. In addition to the main production countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Morocco, there is also cooperation with a cultivation partner in the UK.

Uncleaned sprouts

  • Latest techniques available in the field of mechanization.
  • Focus on the shortest chain: guaranteeing a good shelf life of the sprouts
  • Uniform sizing in the sorting process
Ongeschoonde spruiten

Cleaned/cooked sprouts

  • Use the latest sprout cleaning techniques
  • We grow the right varieties for mechanical cleaning: In the Netherlands, the sprouts are cleaned mechanically. This ensures a short chain and an efficient and hygienically correct process
Cleaned sprouts

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