All year round, we have bananas of various brands at our disposal. We even supply bananas in any desired ripeness, from completely green to completely yellow. In other words: exactly as you wish.


For this process, we work closely with United Fresh Services, the specialist in the ripening of bananas and ready-to-eat fruit with the most modern ripening accommodation in the Netherlands. With Controlled Atmosphere ripening chambers and Ultra Low Oxygen storage and ripening systems, they ensure optimum stock management and the best quality bananas for the consumer. The supply chain is centrally coordinated with ripening as the core task.

The chain is optimally organised thanks to support in strategic sourcing, logistics, customs clearance, quality monitoring and planning. This ensures a continuous supply of the best quality bananas from brands such as SCB, Chiquita, Cumbia and Tropy.

Would you also like to order bananas of the highest quality and a specific level of ripeness? Contact us without obligation and tell us your wishes.