Fresh2You Group


The Fresh2You Group consists of streamlined cultivation companies and trading companies at home and abroad. With this group of companies, we guarantee the best quality and availability of a wide range of fruit and vegetables with services that seamlessly align with the wishes of our clients. The supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from our own cultivation, from cultivation partners and from suppliers worldwide makes Fresh2You unique.

Fresh2You is a vertically integrated grower-to-marketer organisation. We control the entire process from seed to shelf with growing, processing, packaging and marketing. We supply our products to international retailers, exporters and wholesalers. As a progressive cultivation and trading company, our committed and driven specialists make the difference. We consistently monitor for potential improvements and take responsibility for the environment and the local communities in which we operate. Read more about our own cultivation.


Fresh2You Barendrecht is the head office of the Fresh2You Group. This branch is importer, exporter, wholesaler and Cash & Carry for the highest quality fruit and vegetables. Our team consists of passionate specialists with decades of experience in the trade of fruit and vegetables.

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Fresh2You Heerle is the logistic location of the Fresh2You Group.

It can be found on Moerstraatseweg 14-A, 4726 SP, Heerle, the Netherlands.


We cultivate green beans and broccoli from various locations in West-Brabant. In this region, we have different soil types to suit the type of vegetable. The vegetables are processed and packaged from our location in Heerle.


In the Sous Massa Valley we have approximately 250 hectares of land which we use optimally in rotation for the cultivation of green beans, fine beans, string beans, pointed peppers, Brussels sprouts, radishes and spring onions. We export from our own farms every year from the beginning of October to the beginning of July.


In Mont Rolland we run our own farm with approximately 350 hectares of land. Here we grow green beans and fine beans in the open field. We export these products every year from the end of December to the beginning of May. As of the 2021 harvest season, we will also have mango at our disposal from this location.