Own Cultivation


To guarantee continuity in availability, quality and presentation, we have had our own production locations since 2019 and grow according to the philosophy of Karel van Oers. We follow the seasons per country and per region. At these sustainable growing locations, we consistently invest in land, water availability, crop rotation, mechanisation and cooling facilities, among other aspects.

From these locations in Morocco and Senegal we supply the highest quality green beans and fine green beans, string beans and spring onions.

By growing these products in-house, we distinguish ourselves in quality and availability. The following aspects, in particular, set us apart:

  • Chain control from seed to delivery
  • Cultivation under Dutch and local management
  • Modern refrigeration and packaging facilities for the longest shelf life
  • Fast and efficient transport
  • Expert in food safety


Own cultivation in the Netherlands

  • West-Brabant
  • Various soil types
  • Stable quality and availability
  • Own cultivation of green beans, Brussels sprouts and broccoli
  • Processing and packaging in Heerle
Southern Morocco: Quality Fruit Morocco

  • Sous Massa Valley
  • Approx. 250 hectares in rotation
  • Own farms
  • Exports from the beginning of October to the beginning of July
Senegal: Quality Fruit Senegal

  • Mont Rolland
  • One farm of approx. 350 hectares
  • Cultivation in open field
  • Exports from late December to early May


With a focus on people, animals and planet, we invest great importance in the protection of the environment and biodiversity. Our activities and those of our business partners are aimed at conserving key resources. This is why we use solar energy to reduce energy consumption, carry out sustainable water consumption at all our cultivation sites and save up to 30% water with drip irrigation systems.

We have also taken initiatives to promote biodiversity.

Finally, we improve the welfare and living conditions of local workers and carry out various social projects. We do this by providing a safe working environment, treating each other with respect and supporting them to reach their maximum potential. We comply with the strict SMETA standard and local laws and regulations regarding social insurances and taxes.

Our products are grown sustainably

We ensure reliable partnerships

We encourage individual responsibility and teamwork

We take good care of our employees and cultivation locations


Quality management is a key component of our daily work. We see it as an integral part of our business philosophy and throughout the entire chain, from seed to consumer.

Incoming and outgoing products are assessed before departure, and quality is monitored throughout the chain. Our supply chain aims to maintain quality, both in appearance and taste, from harvesting to consumer use.


With several large-scale cultivation locations spread over North and South Morocco and Senegal, we ensure optimum risk distribution and guarantee availability. We focus on optimal growing conditions per crop, such as the soil, the climate, the availability of water and labour. In addition, we guarantee continuity of availability by focusing on the choice of road, sea or air transport.


Our team of professional agronomists has many years of experience in the field of cultivation and is responsible for all technical aspects of cultivation. We place the maximum focus on food safety, resulting in a maximum MRL value of 70% and a maximum of 4 active substances.